#day50 – crept into a mtv-preparty

Many many first times for my little jubilee today – 50 days “my daily first time”.

The row of food, drink, party and fun first times started with a dinner at Muse in Prenzlauer Berg. It’s a busy restaurant, mainly famous for burgers. I had a really good antipasti plate with grilled vegetables, toasted bred, hummus and delicous spinach pesto. Not forgetting the craft beer from a brewery in Wedding.

The next stop was a fast beer in a bar around the corner, simply called NEU (new). Perfect name for my jubilee. I passed this bar thousand times by bike and was always thinking, I have to try. It’s a cute little bar with a big pharmacy sign above the shelf with a huge alcohol selection. Since we have been in a rush, we just gulped down our beer. The next highlight was already waiting.

The MTV EMA pre-party in the Musikbrauerei, a former brewery and now a concert venue. A really cool and new location tucked away between Greifswalder Strasse and the Volkspark Friedrichshain. Entrance for the pre-party was only by invitation. We had none. I’ve never heard of a MTV award besides. But a casual acquaintance of us worked there as barkeeper and smuggled us through the back door. Awesome. The whole night free food (damn, we didn’t know and were still stuffed) and free cocktails (luckily they still fit in). Pimm’s Cup was unfortunately finished, but Moscow Mule is always a good choice as well. The highlight beside a little photobooth action was a free parfum from CK, the sponsor of the whole fun.

My firsttimer evening couldn’t end better: On my way home I stumbled into a live blow job in a house entrance. I was first shocked and then quite amused. I said “Keep going!” and walked on by. The guy had a big grin on his lips, but mine was bigger. He didn’t know he was the perfect ending for my jubilee.

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