#day49 – boogie-woogie with Nathaniel

Damn, I spent so much money for live gigs and festivals this year. It’s already a small car, as we usally say. But I don’t regret. I would do it again and again.

The ticket for Nathaniel was a spontaneous purchase on Monday. I saved the date of his concert months ago in my calendar and suddenly – sold out. And the location called Astra on the RAW area in Friedrichshain isn’t a small one. I didn’t know, this guy is already blessed with such a fame. For the first time I got lost in his voice, when I watched the amazing music documentation “Austin to Boston”. Short excursion: A bunch of talented musicans drove in a VW Bulli convoy from Austin, Texas to Boston, stopping and performing live gigs spontaneously on their way. Bear’s den, Mumford & Sons, The Staves and Nathaniel Rateliff – a music mob from heaven. It’s a must see!

Ok, back to tonight. Thank’s to facebook, I got a ticket for the original price, and was able to join this little boogie-woogie party. As a solo artist Nathaniel is rather a smoochy bear, singing heartwarming songs with the whole spectrum of his incredible voice. “I Am” is by far my favorite song. “Still trying” is close on the heels. But Nathaniel is able to party as well. Tonight he performed with The Night Sweats, a band of talented guys putting on an entertaining show. Finally again some hips shaking. The whole show escalated with the song “Son of a Bitch“. A guy in a tanga hopped on stage, holding his ass towards the audience. Luckily, no front row for me tonight.


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