#day47 – wonderful yoga with Sarah

I tried yoga several times during my studies in Weimar and here in Berlin as well, but I was never able to share the passion of all the others. To be honest I was kind of bored mostly. Or annoyed. Especially at my  last yoga experience in a little gym in Treptow. Gigi, the over-motivated yoga instructor from Cuba, called everyone “honey” or “sweety” and corrected the positions of all participants by screaming from the first row. It seemed she was focused on a “pretty girl”, how she shouted, correcting her every five minutes. After half an hour I realized, she meant me. I never went there again.

Today I followed the recommendation of a friend and gave the whole yoga thing a last chance. It was a rainy day and I was looking forward to have a relaxing evening with a bit breathing around in company. Thanks god, I did it. I finally had a really good yoga course.

It was a small mixed group – 2 girls, 2 boys. Perfect size. The bright room had a wooden floor and a sweet flower and candle decoration. Sarah, our yoga instructor, was a sympathic lady with a pleasant voice, what is quite important to feel comfortable. Instructors talk a lot. Something new and actually a really good idea was a long relaxing part at the beginning. A perfect attunement for the following downward facing dogs and cobras. My favorite is the child’s position. Wonderful for the back after an office day. Meditating one hour only in this position sounds like a nice challenge.

But the thing, with which Sarah got me completly, was a little massage at the end. All four of us got massaged with a bit lavendar cremé. This was so so good. Ommmmmm!

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