#day45 – mud diving at a cross challenge

Holy moly. This is my word for todays Sunday. I got up at 6.45am in the morning – a time, when I usally go to bed on Sunday mornings or rather Saturdays nights. Even on my way to Berlin’s southwest I wasn’t convinced what I’m actually doing. What the hell was my intention, when I registered for a cross challenge at the end of October some months ago? Why didn’t I insist of 5 instead of 10 kilometers? A friend pushed our group to 10 kilometers and in the end he didn’t joined us and visited his family. Argh!

But let’s start with the good things: Even though it was a 10-degree-day, we had best sunny weather conditions. Clear blue sky, no clouds and a lot of sun. Furthermore my sore throat, which bothered me the last days, was nearly gone. Nearly. And although I didn’t run the last two months, I did a little pseudo-run of 5 kilometers yesterday. For my conscience.

Seriously, it was harder than I expected, but at the same time matsch moor funnier. Actually I enjoyed it a lot. Do you know these moments, when behaving like a pig feels just awesome? I hope so, because I do.

The first barrier was after two kilometers of relaxing running through the forest. Only a fence on the ground. A bit crawling on all fours through sand. Nothing special to talk about. The second barrier was after kilometer four. It started to get interesting. Wading through a container filled with icecold, muddy water. Ok, I thought, only 6 kilometers running left with water buckets on my feet. Think positive! Barrier three was climbing upon some straw bales. Pretty easy with a little help of a strong man. Much more concerning was the fact we only had to break down three barriers after six kilometers of running. Where is all the mud to jump into and bury my face? I wanted something dirty.

I got my dirt. The whole fun started with kilometer 7. Crawling through sand, part 2. Twice as long as before and with a covered fence. The host called it “darkroom”. People began cursing. I didn’t. My endorphins changed me into a motivator. “Come on, guys. You all paid 50 bugs. Pull yourself together!” Carrying sandbags, running through deep sand uphill and downhill ensued. Actually the last three kilometers have been an endless conglomeration of barriers. My powers vanished visibly but giving up was no option of course.

The highlight was a 20 meter long slide, which ended in a mud-lake. “Nice turn-around” a guy called, when I slided backwards into the desaster. I must have looked amazing! But the barrier with the highest conquest was directly afterwards. Diving under a metal grid through cold muddy water. I mean completly. Only me and mud. Such a nice moment…NOT! As a reward they put this wonderful photo of me, you can see at the beginning, in the internet. Thanks for that. But hey, courage to ugliness! More pircures here.

The final barrier was moving hand over hand along a metal thing. Unfortunately the only barrier I couldn’t do. I failed already because I couldn’t reach the first stick, tiny as I am. Too bad. On the other hand I had a little foam party instead. My last one is years ago, I guess it was summer 2002. It was already overdue. And so I entered the finish freshly bathed. No, not really. Even after washing, my hair still smells like mud and dirt. But I’m feeling good. Really good.

We’ll see us next years, guys!

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