#day44 – my long-awaited little brother

Hard to believe what I figured out today. The little brother I wanted my whole live, is really existing. Even though my older sister was mostly nice, when we have been kids, I always wanted a younger sibling to bully about as well. A little person, which makes you feel stronger.

The whole truth came to light with the movie Die Bären sind los, a friend of mine watched on television. He just messaged me a picture of the boy and I was totally shocked. Not only because Mommy lied. He was actually a basket ball playing actor and famous! Imagine, he would have grown up with my family. I would have been a sandwich-child. We all know these kids have serious problems.

But to be serious, guys, it looks like I have a double. If even I see myself in this boy’s face, there must have been a scary likeness. I sent this picture to two chats: my family chat and my longtime-friends chat. The reactions have been as I expected. Some expressions of my friends: OMG, really true, stunning and I thought it’s you in your halloween costume. Funnily only mummy said “No, darling. You’re much more prettier.” Thank you, mummy, but you have to face the truth. As usual, daddy didn’t reply when I’m sending messages and so I started a second try and sent another picture of this boy with a bottle of beer in his hands. Now daddy awakend and messaged “I can see a similarity in the face“. Where else, Dad? Of course in the face and not around the balls.

The whole situation could be much more funnier without these two facts, that this kid is indeed a boy and additionally not really cute. Life is hard.

For those, who are interested: His name is Timmy Deters. Nowadays he is 22 and looks totally different. We both aren’t lookalikes anymore. Thanks god!


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