#day43 – paranormal theatre at Katerblau

“Changing state of mind without substances: At Trance theatre telepathy, hypnosis and psychomagic meets surreal imagery. Figure out, if Vivian and Roman are able to read your mind as well. Extravagancy and colorful brains are welcome. In the name of prettiness, tenderness and the holy insanity. Amen!”

Since my brain is pretty colorful, I felt much invited by this show description and bought tickets. The whole text about the paranormal theatre sounded promising. I have never been to a hypnosis show before and was pretty tensed. Even though I arrived late, I got a good seat in the front. Not to close to the stage to get picked by the performers for show acts but also close enough to see their facial expressions.

Retrospectively it would have been better to get picked for an act. Maybe I wouldn’t be as sceptic as I am now. It was absolutely crazy. No one got really hypnotised, but Vivian, the actress, was incredible good in reading minds. Only with reading minds she figured out names, birth dates, favorite countries and special experiences. Her quote of beeing right was nearly a 100 percent one.

I looked around the whole time, observing the involved audience keenly. You have to know, I’m getting quite sceptic when it comes to supernatural powers. Were these guys all paid players? Is there a camera on Roman’s jacket or a microchip in Vivian’s ear? I even mistrusted the light and sound man and the bar stuff. They were all inducted. It must have been like this.

In the end there was a crazy moment, when Vivian tried to figure out ones name. She only knew the first letter was a “J”. I was thinking Julia and funnily Vivian said directly Julia. The name of the girl was Juliane indeed. Do I have superpowers as well?

On the way back home I tested it. I asked my friend to think about a number between 1 and 10. I said 8, she thought 5. It was a 10 percent chance and I didn’t make it. Ok, no superpowers for me. But at least I gave the supernatural another chance tonight.


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