#day42 – Gina Lollobrigida moved in over night

We have a new housemate: Gina Lollobrigida. She must have moved in over night. One morning some days ago her name shimmered above the door bell nameplate. One of my habits is looking up my new neighbours in Google. I mean, it’s  a really anonymous communal life in our house, I think I have at least the right to know, what the internet already knows. Simply ringing somebody’s bell and asking? Yeah maybe. I’ll put it on my list for the 364th first time.

So today I finally found some time to google Misses Lollobrigida. What I figured out is surprising. What sounds like a mixture of Lollo Rosso salad and the pitiful Pegida movement is actually a famous Italian sex symbol. Or let’s say was a sex symbol. Like me, Lady Gina will celebrate a milestone birthday next year. Unlike me, she’ll turn 90. But indeed I have a new competitor in the house.

Reading some articles about “La Lolla” letting me know, her whole live turned on beauty. She was only three when she won the beauty contest “Most beautiful child in Italy”. Her career as actress and photographer was always flanked by discussions about her look. Uff, that sounds pretty exhausting. Poor Gina. No wonder, she got a bit crazy and talked about herself only in the third person.

What I ask myself now is: What’s the motivation behind Gina’s relocation to Berlin? I’m not even sure, if she’s able to make an appointment at one of Berlin’s Citizens Office before she needs an appointment with the undertaker. Probably it’s the motivation, why most people strand in Berlin: cheap beer and a great party scene. Gina will have some amazing last years here.

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