#day39 – facing the seven essential questions in life

My sister advised me to more philosophical first times. So ok, more serious stuff now. Last week I read an article on Edition F, a web-magazine for women: 7 questions you have to answer before turning 30. There’s still some time until September next year, but the sooner the better and so I look these questions straight in the eyes today and tell you the naked truth.

Ok, I’ll try to keep it short.

1. If you would die tomorrow, would you be satisfied with your life?

Yes and no. What a diplomatic and boring answer, I know. But on one side, I’m pretty happy with my life. I have a wonderful family, who supports me in every conceivable life situation. I have amazing close friends, a handful already more than twenty years. Furthermore I’m healthy and call a nice little apartment my own. Sometimes on Sunday mornings (best reflection time ever) I’m really thankful for all these things.

On the other hand, there’s still so so much to discover and learn in this world. Retrospective I wasn’t always brave, when it was time for decisions. Being brave – a really important thing for a satisfying life – is a characteristic I adopted pretty late. I mean, I’m still learning to act brave. With this in mind, I hope, this year is going to be an amazing one. Maybe my answer to this first question is just a simple “yes” if I interview myself again exactly this day next year.

2. What is your unique value to your fellows?

I think these are my ideas and recommendations. My fellows know, I’m pretty good informed about what’s going on (especially in Berlin) and that they can be sure, I have always a suggestion for a freetime activity. Restaurants, bars, concerts, shops, citytrips or another freaky activity – I have a lot of tips for you. Is this a value? I hope so. If not, I’ll find another one.

3. Who inspired you the most?

I want to mention three respective four women. My newest idol is Eleanor Roosevelt. After finishing the book “My year with Eleanor” from Noelle Hancock, I know this woman had fantastic thoughts about the important things in life. I can’t wait to read her autobiography. The second one is Peggy Guggenheim. Since I wrote a paper during my studies about her life and special art love, she’s an idol for me. As well as Eleanor a strong woman, always fighting for her dreams and being ready to risk something therefor. The third and fourth and longest idols are my mum and my sister. Without them I wouldn’t be the person, I am today. They are full of wisdom, even though I do my own thing in some situations. But that’s good, it’s actually unavoidable if you want to exchange life experiences.

4. Why do you get out of bed every morning?

That’s actually a question, I ask myself every workday. But to be seroius, I think it’s hard to figure out, what gives you your daily motivation. That’s why I also guess, it’s not one big thing and much more an accumulation of small things. I have a quotation from Eduard Mörike, a German writer, on the wall in my hallway: You always need something to look forward to. This is so true. With the next holiday or the next reunion with longtime friends in mind it’s so much easier to survive workdays and to be in a good mood.

5. How much did you learn today?

The easiest question of all. After reading the article you know, this question aims for doing something new every day. And that’s how this question is already answered.

6. Who do you love and when was the last time you told him this?

Uh, after the easiest now the hardest question. Of course, I love my family. My parents and grandparents, my sister and her husband, my niece and nephews, all of them. I didn’t overwhelmed them with my feelings in the past, but at least I try to write it down sometimes. Writing is much more easier than talking. Have I ever said “Grandmommy, I love you”? while I looked into her eyes? I don’t think so. Sounds like a good first time.

7. What is your definition of success?

Many people define success with work-related things, making a career or earning a lot of money for example. That’s for sure not my definition of being successfull. I think success is a bit like happyness – it’s all about your personal attitude. Working with temptation for something you’re totally convinced about. I guess, I’m feeling really successful after I managed my year of 365 first times.

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