#day38 – saving the woods by compensating my road trip

No, this is not a sponsored post. My project hasn’t grown this fast. It’s a hey-you-have-to-know-this-great-app-post. Friends of mine participated the baltic sea circle this summer, the northernmost rally on earth around the baltic sea. 7500 kilometeres, 200 old cars, 16 days, 10 countries. A lot of fun and a lot of environment pollution. Keeping an eye on this fact without negleting the fun, they launched Co2mpensio, an app for climate protection.

The idea is simple but really helpful: With just a few clicks you can compensate the CO2 emission of your road trip or flight by donating a small amount. The donated money goes directly to Ethiopia, where they plant trees with it and save the woods.

The trip from my home town back to Berlin is at least 300 kilometeres. After a refreshing morning in the autumnally thuringian woods, collecting mushrooms with my nephew und niece, I felt like doing something for the environment today. With the app already in my phone, I decided today is the day for the first usage.

At the beginning you have to state your travelled kilometeres by a slider. It was a bit hard to adjust exactly 300 kilometers, but I’m pretty sure, the problem isn’t a bug and rather my little sausage fingers. Anyhow, I was generous and indicated 330 kilometers. As the app told me, this means a CO2 emission of 50 kilogram. Round about my weight. That’s crazy, isn’t it? But actually much more crazy is the fact, that compensating this costs only 1,25 Euro. I payed with Paypal and was nearly a bit sad, the enjoyable donation process was already over.

I’m usally not the paradigm-eco-warrior, but with Co2mpensio there’s a new way to silence your conscience within two minutes. I know this sounds like advertising. But only as long as you convinced yourself by trying.

Right know they have a campaign, with which one you can win a bicycle additionally to the free app download. I don’t want to persuade you, just download this app now. We can change the hashtag #ichco2mpensiere to #wirco2mpensieren, friends! Let’s start now.

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