#day35 – vip loge in the theatre

My last theatre visit has been months. To be exact it was in July when a good friend of mine visited me in Berlin and we went to Sommernachtstraum. Not this Shakespeare-version, you have seen maybe already . It was a special interpretation of a theatre group called Seifentheater, which is a bunch of young guys, describing themsleves as authentic unprofessional, self-ionic and cheeky but always sympathetic. Their stage is the club location Katerholzig, which makes it even more charming. Every show is a surprise, really recommandable.

My theatre experience today was a bit different. Theater am Kurfürstendamm is an institution in Berlin’s wild wild west. Red velvet, dark wood, golden ornaments and giant crystal chandeliers. It’s a glamorous atmosphere and only the audience reminds you, we live in the year 2016. My rich-and-famous-feeling increased after I reached my seat. A friend bought the tickets and what I didn’t know, he chose a vip box. Means, we had a private room with an own little door, lots of space and a little table, what we urgently needed for our range of drinks. To continue our lifestyle in the fast line, we ordered raspberry punch and Moet champagne.

The whole situation was really gratifying. I’m one of these lucky ones, who are always sitting behind the tallest man in the audience. But today I enjoyed a perfect view over the stage and the entire white-haired audience. That’s why I also know, I was the youngest today. Even with 29, you can be the youngest in a room of 200 people. Cool.

The theatre show itself was nice, but didn’t knock my socks off. It was a comedy show about money and craving. A married couple got  a huge amount of money by coincidence from time to time and didn’t know who brought it. It just appeared at the table in the living room. An occurrence, which made them nearly crazy. The end was a usal one: Everyone was shot.

At the exit we met the main actors and got an autograph. The whole rich-and-famous-feeling was gone with a single blow, but that was quite alright. I was tired. Beeing glamorous is exhausting.


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