#day34 – invited to an around-the-world-dinner by a longtime friend

Awww, such a lovely dinner. It was a spontaneous invitation by a longtime friend, who moved to Berlin some weeks ago and lives now just a stone’s throw away. It was my first visit at his place, but for sure not the last one – he is an amazing cook.

He opened the door with  a bottle of white wine, dressed up in a sexy red apron. We arranged our dinner only some hours ago, but it turns out he prepared a whole around-the-world-dinner with five courses. I was nearly moved to tears. I have this feeling as if it was yesterday, when we both played together in his parents garden, pushing his hamster from the slide. Since I was the older and taller one – unbelievable but true – I always told him what to do. Nowadays I’m sitting in a kitchen of a good-looking, successful man, who’s making me happy with his cooking skills and hilarious jokes. His great sense of humor is maybe the only thing, which still reminds me of this little boy from yesterday.

We recalled today, we already know each other since 25 years. Our parents have been close friends and we spent many awesome vacations togehter: a roadtrip in an Opel to Spain, Easter in a Dutch Centerpark, New Years Eve in a wooden hut in Norway, our first fligth to Turkey, endless boat trips in Greece, wild party nights with Big-Brother-Jürgen on Mallorca, island-hopping in Thailand.

When we got too old for travelling with parents, he continues exploring the world alone. He lived one year in America, one year in Cameroon, six months in China, six months in France and last but not least three years in Bavaria for his studies (culture shock included).

All these trips have been his inspiration for our dinner party today. First course, or as he said “a greeting from the kitchen”, was a pretzel with selfmade Obazda. It’s is a typical Bavarian cheese, made with camembert and butter or quark. His secret is a topping with pomegranate seeds. Yum. Second course was a Westafrican bananasoup, made with ginger, creme fraiche and lot’s of freshly grounded pepper. A morter is better than a mill to crush pepper, I learned from him today. Must be true, because it tasted fantastic. Third and fourth course was placed on one plate. It was an Arabic inspired tomato-pomegranate-salad with a mango-spinach-curry from India (India must be on his list). Last and fifth course was a journey back to our roots. A little glas of Pfeffi, a toxic-green liquor from Thuringia, which tastes a bit like Berliner Luft. I vomitted several times from too much Pfeffi, when I was 14. I avoid this liquor as much as possible since teenager times. Today was a wonderful exception.

Repeat, please!

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