#day33 – stumbling over a giant elephant graffiti

I needed a special cosmetic product today and used the rain free lunchbreak for a little walk to the drugstore. This drugstore, not far from my office, is in a socially precarious area of Kreuzberg. Not really beautiful to stroll around. To speed up the trip I took a shortcut and suddenly there was it. A giant streetart appeared in front of me. A huge wall with an elephant head, who has a world ballon on his proboscis. Even with todays grey sky and the much more grey and shabby surrounding, this colorful artpiece was just impressive. As suddenly and unexpected as the iceberg for the Titanic officer, it stood in front me. Even if my experience was a bit more positive in the end, of course.

I sat down on a bench and watched it for some minutes, still overwhelmed. I was wondering, why I have never heard or seen something about it. I looked it up and figureded out, it was painted in May, only five months ago. The artist is Jadore Tong, a 45-year-old guy, who beautify Berlins streets since 1987 and was funnily born in Weimar (the city I lived in for more than 5 years during my studies). Together with some friends he needed four weeks to create this 24 meters high and 750 square meters big masterpiece.

Jadore calls his label S.Y.R.U.S. – save your rich untouchable soul. As philosophic as it sounds is his streetart style. I would love to ask him about the meaning. What’s his explanation therefore? An elephant carrying a world ballon.

My interpretation? Nothing is so powerful, that you can’t handle it. Change your viewing angle only a bit, and you’ll see the world through new eyes.

Feel free to text me your personal interpreation. I’lll be happy to hear about it.






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