#day30 – an open-minded living room concert in coming up Wedding

An open-minded living room. That’s how the founders of Nussbreite describe their own bar project. That’s exactly what it is. A little bubble on a buzzing street in Wedding, where everyone can behave like he really is. No Berlin hipster affectations, no complexes about your person. Only people having fun, playing music or dancing like nobody is watching.

Today Nussbreite celebrates their second birthday with a special jam session. The project is a consolidation of artists, students and musicians, who organize concerts or spontaneously jam sessions in a bar respective this living room. 24 hours ago I didn’t know this bar even exists. A friend, who lives around the corner, asked for joining the birthday bash. And so I dared for a Wedding visit once again. Since several years already, people discussing about Wedding as a fancy district or not. If you ask me, I would say I’m usally not a pessimistic girl, anytime thinking positive. Exceptions confirm the rule. But hey, where do I spend my Saturday night? I give it a chance though.

The tiny living room was already crowded when I arrived. Shortly after I got a drink and a seat a band called Whisky & Rhymes gave a concert. Hera from Australia and Milan from Berlin together with some friends played a catchy Gipsy-Swing and people started dancing immediately. A special thank you to an asian guy, who danced as if there is no tomorrow, motivating the whole bunch all the time. Even the lovely, peanuts nibbling grandmommy in the corner thought about getting up for a little dance, I saw it.

Listening to the funny lyrics, sometimes sung by Hera through a megaphone, was pretty much entertaining. As well as the selection of instruments played by one of the band members. Hitting a metal chain with a hammer makes wonderful tunes, I learned today. And have you ever tried to make music with a cow bell?

Everything is possible at Nussbreite. Be open-minded.


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