#day28 – chauffering some sun through grey Berlin

Sun was a bit shy today. Actually she didn’t show up and left Berlin in a colourless grey sky. Due to a completly empty fridge, I cycled to the supermarket after work. At the entrance I saw these wonderful sunflowers and thought it’s a good day to give myself a treat. When sun doesn’t come to you, grab her by yourself.

On my way back home I placed the sunflower in my bicycle basket. These baskets are a great invention by the way. It wasn’t my first time buying a sunflower, likewise not my first bicycle ride of course. But indeed my first time chauffering a sunflower through Prenzlberg.

It was a funny sight, seeing her swinging in the basket. As well as it must be watching me, driving the bike one-handed to make a video. May I give you a little advice for the upcoming season? Color your life. And wear a helmet.

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