#day27 – fighting against the cold with a new cozy sweater

Oh dear, I’m such a bad fashion blogger. This photo is shit I know. How do girls manage to take good selfies in a mirror? It’s impossible. Or I’m not that experienced. What I know for sure: I hate selfies. At least I have a new sweater to keep me warm. And  this one keeps you really warm. After returning to cold and grey Berlin yersterday night I’m wearing three layers today and yeah, I have to admit I was a bit too enthusiastic. But sweating is better than freezing, my grandmother already knew.

As you can’t see in the photo unfortunately – #selfiesruingoodphotography – the sweater has a wonderful green color. Forest green. My first forest green clothing item. Looking up the meaning of colors you find different characteristics for green. On one hand it means freshness, relaxation and hope and on the other hand it signifies toxic, apathy and envy. I can identify with all these things right know. Ok, except freshness. Lisbons nightlife shows its aftermath today. These days in the year, when you put on the heating for the first time after summer, I’m always hoping for a short and pleasant winter without snow. Snow is only allowed on Chrismas. At the same time I’m envious of all people living in the southern hemisphere, never seeing snow in their whole live.

Winter is evil. But all right, with my new sweater there’s a chance to survive.

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