#day26 – waving goodbye to a new favorite city

Adeus, Lisboa! Essa foi uma alegria! It was a pleasure. You’re a great city. Everyone says you are and I arrived with high expecations four days ago. I didn’t get disappointed. Today I have to leave, but I’ll promise you with some Arnold-Schwarzenegger-wisdom: I’ll be back.

My last day was mainly filled with enjoying the sun while savoring Portuguese specialities a last time. So I dedicate my blog post today the food and some great food places I have been to the last days.

First I want to mention two all-day-options, unrelated to a special place:

Pastéis de Nata and Galão: Pastel de Nata are small tartlets filled with pudding. It’s a Portuguese speciality and you can buy it everywhere. In combination with a Galão, an espresso with a lot of hot milk, it’s a perfect afternoon snack. I’ll miss them.

Patê de sardinha and white bread: In every restaurant you get bread and sardines pastry as a starter. It’s so tasty, just be careful you don’t eat too much of it. Main dish is still coming.


  • Fabrica Lisboa (Rua da Madalena 121): This place was just around the corner of my apartment in Baixa. A perfect start into the day. The whole café is like a little museums with high cupboards full of antiques. Their specialities are croissants with whatever you want. I had one with salmon and cream cheese. The granola comes in a jar and is a good choice as well.
  • Café Tati (Rua Ribeira Nova 36): It’s directly opposite the food market in Cais do Sodre and a really cozy place. The furnishing reminded me of the typical Berlin style with big wooden tables, sweet flower vases and golden frames on the wall. The breakfast set is a solid one: bread, butter, jam, granola and a fresh pressed orange juice.
  • Hello Kristof (Rua do Poço dos Negros 103): I spotted this little café by coincidence and felt in love. Really nice owners and a wide range of magazines to start your day with a bit reading. I only had a cappuccino (perfect one with rich taste) but I checked the menue and saw they serve bowls and cakes for breakfast. Please try it for me.


  • Restaurante Sinal Verde (Calçada do Combro 42): An authentic restaurant packed with locals and close to Bairro Alto. Don’t expect anything fancy for the interieur. It’s pretty simple. The owner didn’t speak English, he smiled simply every uncertainty away. Try the typical dish Bacalhau ã Bras. It’s fish with potatoes and scrambled eggs.
  • Restaurante Zapata (Rua do Poço dos Negros 47): This one trys to be still an authentic one as well. I read a recommendation somewhere on a map. Actually it’s crowded by tourists. But portions are huge and tasty. You can’t do anything wrong by ordering fish. And wine is so amazingly cheap.
  • Mercado da Ribeira (Praça Dom Luís i 44): A gigantic food market close to River Tejo, where you can eat everything from Bacalhau burger to Acai cake. It’s a busy place, visited from locals and tourists likewise. I thought it’s maybe a bit too fancy. In Berlin I’m already annoyed by these overpriced food markets. But even for walking around or buying some gifts it’s enjoyable. I bought sardines pastry, which I want to savor back home while dreaming back to a wonderful city.


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