#day25 – driving the oh-so-famous metro tram 28 through Lisboa by my own

Usally I try to avoid crowded touristy places, not only in Berlin, all around the world. When I’m travelling I focus on food, people and the everyday-life. That’s so much more charming and entertaining in my opinion. Especially for learning something about real live in this country or city. What does Alexanderplatz says about Berlin? Exactly, nothing. As soon as I reach this square, which is usally only for changing metro lines, I start running. Alexanderplatz is the spawn of hell!

Once again today, I wasn’t that strong as I wanted to be and gave one of the so called must-sees in Lisbon a try: Castelo de São Jorge, located in the old city center. Even though it’s October and main travelling time is already over, the streets in Alfama were packed with tourists wearing hats and hiking shoes. Walking up the hill to the castle I already knew I won’t pay to get inside. I wanted to figure out, if you can enjoy a view from the outside. Unfortunately not, but my motivation to pay eight coins for looking at old stones, cuddling with backpacks and getting attacked by selfie sticks was far far away, somewhere nacked at the beach, sipping a cokctail. Lisbon has so many beautiful lookouts, you don’t have to pay for another one, which is in the worst case less attractive.

Without doubt, Alfama is a gorgeous area with scenic alleys and historical places, but I had this dumb feeling to be part of a mob, I never wanted to join. Plastic selling streets vendors were my final straw. I escaped. Funnily with metro line 28, the second most popular landmark in Lisbon. Believe me or not, I thought it’s the fastest way to escape the whole situation. Apart from staying the whole trip and seeing nearly nothing, it’s a beautiful old metro line. Maybe more enjoyable from outside.

Jardim da Estrela, a park opposite the Basilica, seemed to be the perfect destination after my Alfama excursion. I jumped out off the metro, bought a little beer to calm down and then I saw it – a pink tiny version of Electrico 28. I was so excited. Squeezed behind the wheel I forgot all the past struggle. I spent one hour in this wonderful garden under a tree with pink blossoms, my face always directed to the sun. That’s actually Lisbon as it’s best.

Focus the little details, my beloved friends!

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