#day24 – strolling through Lisboas picturesque alleys

With a late start into the day due to my wild night out, I spent my first day in Lisbon by exploring the areas around Baixa, Chiado and Bairro Alto. Funnily I think Lisbon connects the little versions of different landmarks from cities all around the world. Walking around I spotted the Lisbon version of Arc de Triomphe (Paris), Cristo Rendentor (Rio de Janeiro), Tuk Tuks (Bangkok) and the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco). This fact gives the capital a special and charming vibe and myself a blissful feeling.
I want to mention four lovely spots I have been to today:
  • Flea market at Avenida da Liberdade – The street itself isn’t something special but by coinsidence I found myself in an authentic flea market. I’m usally not a big fan of the most flea markets, since nowadays it’s hard to find a real one without commercial sellers. But this one is a pleasure, with a wide range of sellers willing more to exhibit than to sell their antiques as it seems. The mixture of locals and tourists gives the flea market a lively atmosphere besides. As I figured out, it’s only every second weekend.
  • Lookout Miradouro São Pedro – This lookout is one of round about five in the city centre. Watching the bridge and little Jesus overlooking the city while listening to a guitar player singing Fado is definitely a magic moment. And you really don’t have to be sporty to climb up the steep road. Only when the sun is burning, feet are tired and you’re feeling like behaving as a tourist, take the elevator (actually it’s an old tram and not an elevator). I did it, too.
  • Allys in Bairro Alto – This neighbourhood isn’t only an attraction by night. By strolling through cute and tiny alleys you can spot so many street art, interesting locals, picturesque old houses and little notes. I could spend hours doing only this.
  • Shore of Rio Tajo – A wonderful place to relax and smell a salty sea breeze. My recommendation? Grab a Galao (espresso with milk) and a deck chair and enjoy the sunset. Really cheesy. Really beautiful.


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