#day23 – welcoming Lisboa with a traditional port wine from the kiosk

A citytrip to Lisbon is on my list for years. Everybody who has been there, was actually in love. The last two weeks – I booked the flight spontaneously – I was really looking forward to my little timeout. Thanks god, wheater forecast meant it well and promised me four sunny days with 25 degrees.

The stay started with a nice welcoming by my Airb’n’b host. Besides he leaves his apartment to me, he gave me some good recommendations for bars and nightlife – my focused activity for the first night. On my way from central Baixa to district Bairro Alto – Lisbon’s Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain – I crossed Praça Luís de Camões when I spotted a cute old iron kiosk selling drinks. Actually I was crazy hungry and nearly blind by searching food, but as we all know, use the opportunities. I did it as a local and ordered a white port wine shot for a traditional start. As I learned by the seller, these Quiosques are a typical thing in Lisbon and located on several squares in the city. The selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is huge. A Späti Deluxe so to say. Opening hours are not that customer-friendly as in Berlin, but conversely the whole experience is a bit more classy. Ahh to return to the Porto Vino – we both won’t get best friends. He’s way to sweet for me, I’ll stay with his dry brother.

After some wine and liquor with a traditional fish dinner, the action started. Walking around the bar streets in Bairro Alto rememberd me of good old times on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg: Cocktails for three Euros, drunk teens with world domination ambitions and street vendors selling selfie sticks, red hats and blinking finger rings. I even saw a group of british guys wearing Lederhosen and all this Oktoberfest stuff. Uhh, forbidden. I’m too old for that. This couldn’t be the great Lisbon nightlife everybody was talking about.

I moved further to Cais do Sodre, another area near the river whith more or less real clubs. Really busy as well but the crowd was more enjoyable. Imitating the Lisbons I was looking for a drink to sip it on the street. Späti Deluxe time. Reliable as they are, the next one was just around the corner of the pink street (the famous street with all the clubs). After wine, liquor and cheap cocktails I needed a beer. And beer in Portugal is cheap. So cheap, the kiosk vendor wasn’t even able to change a note. That’s why he gave it to me for free. Really sympathic. It wasn’t my last beer.

Summarized I had a fun night out and went home a bit too late as I think. But back in the apartment, closing the door behind me, I knew this trip is going to be a good one.

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