#day22 – leaving a heart in an empty coffee cup at Café DoubleEye

After this really thrilling action yesterday I wanted to start the weekend with a good cup of coffee. The Akazienkiez is a nice area in district Schöneberg, only two stops away from work, but funnily I’m never there. Maybe because it’s the wrong direction for returning home, maybe because I don’t have friends who live there. Today I chose this area for welcoming my weekend.

I strolled around the Kiez and ended up in café DoubleEye, located directly on Akazienstraße. Some colorful garlands, a little crowd and a big banner above the door let me know they celebrate their 15th birthday. I ordered a strong cappuccino and wished the barista all the best for their birthday. He let me know, the birthday was already six months ago and the garlands are still there from the pumpkin party last week. Even though he was a bit hangover – as he told his colleague – he managed to conjure a beautiful heart on top of my cappucciono and gave me one and a half cookies. A half more than usally and exactly what I needed with two painful arms from yesterday’s desaster.

After finishing my coffee, sitting outside on a bench and watching people, I had a look in my cup and saw the heart is still alive. A peaceful little foaming heart, lying on the bottom of my cup, saying: “Hey Resi. Weekend arrived. Have a lovely one and enjoy whatever you’re doing!” That’s exactly what I’ll do. Lisboa is waiting.

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