#day20 – visiting an exhibition about my adopted home Prenzlberg

The European Month of Photography Berlin started five days ago. It’s the largest festival of photography in Germany and member of a photography network of eight European capitals. Goals of the EMoP network are focussing on the international photography scene as well as supporting young artits. I saw through the list with 130 exhibtions and picked at least two exhibtions for a visit.

One exhibition called “Berlin Prenzlauer Berg” shows selected works from photographer Bernd Heyden about my adopted home Prenzlberg between 1960 and 1980. The exhibition takes place in Willy-Brandt-Haus, just at the end of the road from my office. I utilized my lunch break today for a short visit.

Bernd Heyden, grown up in today’s oh-so-beautiful Bötzowviertel, documented life in East Berlin long time before it was home of Swabians and artists, renovated old houses and stylish cafés. As pictures shows it was much more a time characterized by post-war era and the working class. I can hardly imagine the grey and shabby streets on the photos are these colorful wealthy streets 30 years later, I just strolled along two days ago.

The picture I liked the most showed a young man sitting on his Simpson, a typical East German motorbike. I observed the photo and thought, this could be your daddy. An easygoing dude with shoulder-length hair, mustachio, leather jacket and flared pants. That’s exactly how my dad looked alike when my mum felt in love with him in the 70’s. And that’s exactly the outfit contemporary cool kids wearing again.

A cute little exhibition, not only for Prenzlberger.

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