#day19 – Japanese fast food at Gotcillas

Sometimes it’s all about food. After a delicious breakfast yesterday some friends and I wanted to check out a new burger place at Weserstraße in Neukölln tonight. I like a comparison someone told me a while ago: Weserstraße is Berlin’s version of Barcelona’s Ramblas – a busy strolling promenade famous for bars, internationals and pickpockets. Okay, Weserstraße doesn’t leads to a romantic harbour, there’re no beautiful fountains and no living statues entertaining tourists by staying in strange costumes the whole day around without only a single twinkle in their eyes. It’s more the urban vibe. And the fact that a close friend lives there.

Anyways, we met at the end of Weserstraße, where the new snack bar is located. I just finished my cycling course and it was already a bit late for dinner. Unfortunately the burger store was closed. We decided to stroll down the street, keep watching after an appetizing spot. That’s how we ended up at Gotcillas – a snack bar, serving Japanese deep fried high quality fast food, as they describe themselves. The name says it all, Godzilla everywhere. As a picture on the wall, as a figure besides the cash point and as a comic hero on the table.

I orderd butter beast, which is chicken pickeld in butter milk before it got deep fried, enriched with Japanese mayo with seven herbs and cabbage sake ginger salad. Written down I notice this sounds pretty fancy. Even though it was just a snack it was really good. Next time I’ll try the silkentofu nuggets with soy sauce.

Since there was still some space in our stomachs, we went across the street to the tapas bar Gastón for a bottle of redwine as a desert. Another first time today to be honest. After a whole bottle of house red we returned home, stuffed and happy.

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