#day18 – breakfast at Nothaft & Seidel Café

Wohooo, national day in Germany. And such a sunny one. What’s better than starting a day out of work with an amazing breakfast? You’re right – nothing. I love breakfast. It’s the best meal of the day. I could skip lunch and dinner for breakfast all day long. And Prenzlberg is maybe the best district in town for eating breakfast outside. You can choose from a huge range of wonderful cafés. In case you need some recommendations just ask me and bring time with you.

Today I tried a new one near Eberswalder Straße with friends: Nothaft & Seidel Café. I have been to Geschwister Nothaft Café, the big brother at Sonnenallee, already several times and always wanted to visit the one close to my home. Indeed, the typical shabby chic furnishing let you feel you’re in Neukölln. I like this style of unrendered walls and all chairs are different. Not individual, but still cozy.

The menue consists of chia bowls, oats, grilled sandwiches and cakes. Especially their kinds of cakes have to be mentioned. I saw a grass-green cake and thought, cool, first time macha cake for you today. You know, matcha, this fancy superfood from Japan, gives you superpowers and let you live forever. It wasn’t matcha cake. It was spinach cake. And so was the raspberry cake actually a beetroot cake. I felt like beeing boring today and chose the bananabread with walnuts. Good choice. Same as the grilled goatcheese sandwich with a rocket mountain. But breakfast is only as good as it’s coffee. My flat white wasn’t the best I ever had, but still a solid one, making me ready for a two-hours walk in sunny Prenzlberg.

Why is there only one national day in a year?

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