#day17 – exploring Wedding’s hidden streetart

What an April weather today! When I started cycling to my breakfast date I enjoyed a brightly shining sun and a clear blue sky. Shortly after arriving we got surprised by an unpredictable cloudburst. Since we were sitting inside, already indulging our delicous Weißwurst-Frühstück in a cozy surrounding, we didn’t care. Thuringia, Saxony and North Rine-Westfalia came together to retain Bavarian traditions. I’m not the biggest fan of Bavaria, but two weeks a year I’m in love with it. 10 Weißwürste,  12 Bretzel and 1 Weißbier later, we really felt like moving and having a walk. Sun was at it’s best again and so we walked along the shore of river Panke.

The Panke leads you once across the entire Wedding district and offers you stunning hidden streetart as I figured out today. We even watched a guy tagging the canal wall. Pictures are worth a 1000 words, that’s why I stop writing now and just share this photo gallery with you. Just to let you know at the end, we finnished our walk with sun but in between a huge dark cloud came spontaneously round the corner and forced us to a short stop in a cute café with coffee, apple cake and a lovely owner. Could have been worse.

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