#day16 – finally seeing him live

After a failed attempt some days ago I finally saw Bon Iver live today presenting his new album. I have been to Michelberger Music Festival, which was actually more an experiment than a festival. The promoter invited more than 80 artits to Berlin to have a week full of music with first time arrangements and many new compilations. Final highlight after days of rehearsals and studio recordings should have been the festival at Funkhaus Berlin this weekend. Damien Rice and Erlend Øye were the preannounced main acts next to Bon Iver.

The experimental idea of no timetable and intimate tiny studios with spontaneous compilations ended in an organizational problem. People were queuing for hours without even knowing for what. We didn’t. We just listened to the acts on the main stage and set our hope to a time slot, we got assigned at the entrance with our wrist bands. Everybody had at least one chance to see something big, an essetial decision. Fortunately was Bon Iver our big thing for today. It’s was a short but really special concert. A whole choir joined him for his one song. This fact combined with the beauty of the historical studio from the former GDR cared for a magic moment with goosebumps and the feeling to be in the rigth spot at the right time.

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