#day15 – a motivation gift from my sister

I got a wonderful small parcel with a late birthday present from my sister today. She sent me the book “My year with Eleanor” from Noelle Hancock. The german title “Someone, who never risks, misses life – How I overcome my fear 365 times” is a bit longer but much more meaningful. After reading the summit, I was nearly scared how many similarities Noelle and I share. Noelle is 29, when she is reading a quotation of Eleanor Roosevelt: Do one thing every day that scares you. Struggling with some things in her life, this was the moment, Noelle decided to confront one of her fears a day for one year. 365 fights against a fear. She realized, life is too short to get paralysed by worries. That’s why Noelle was swimming with sharks, jumping out of a plane, embalming corps, singing karaoke and doing many other crazy things.

What’s actually even more scary, is the fact, my sister bought this book before she heard about my project. This is more than telepathy, this is unbelievable. Sometimes it’s hard for me to cope with such huge coincidences. I mean, how could she know? CRAZY!

My sister wants to read the book as well after I’m done, her inscription told me. Noelles inscription is a thankyou to Eleanor, who learnt her how to fly and at the same time a thankyou to her parents, who showed her the importance of beeing down to earth. This sounds just wonderful, doesn’t it? I’m really looking forward to read this book.

I want to get rid of a thankyou as well: Thank you, sister! For this lovely gift, for giving me such a great motivation and for supporting me and my plans – without actually knowing they exist. This means a lot for me.

Fortune favors the brave, friends!


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