#day14 – feeling stupid while waiting for a never showing up Bon Iver

The whole adventure started already yesterday. Bon Iver respective Justin Vernon, an american Singer-Songerwriter playing wonderful folk tunes, posted a picture on Facebook with todays date, a time in the evening and a location near Kottbusser Tor. It was the beginning of the wildest speculations. Is he going to play a street concert? Is it just a chance to buy the last tickets of his sold-out show in Berlin early next year? Or is Justin going to have a kebap at Hasir’s? Since he is part of a music festival on Saturday in Berlin, the possibilty of a spontaneous gig didn’t seem that unrealistic. Furthermore a live picture, showing Justin playing an intimate concert at Michelberger Hotel, suddenly popped up on social media channels yesterday evening and confirmed this guy is already in town.

Today the discussion about his mysterious message continues. Meanwhile I was searching for more informations and had a look on his Instagram profile. I was shocked. Compared to Facebook he posted more then ten pictures, all of them with the same date and time but different citys from around the world. I got pessimistic about a live gig but hope dies last.

And so I cycled to the announced meeting point and joined the crowd waiting in front of a huge Bon Iver grafitti. And that’s actually everything what happend. A giant graffiti with the new album cover on a house wall. After one beer and 30 minutes waiting I folded up my tents, feeling a bit stupid. He never appeared of course. We celebrated the graffiti baptism by ourself.

Anyway, after a five year break , Bon Ivers new album will be out tomorrow and I’m really excited for the first listening. It should be a good compensation for todays flashmob fail.

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