#day13 – walking the last two stops back home

After a long office day just sitting behind the computer I wanted to have a little after-work walk today. I decided spontaneously to get off at station Schönhauser Allee and walk the last to stops back home, a thing I have never done before. Half of the two-kilometres-way is strolling down the Stargarder Straße, a typical street of Prenzlauer Berg with brigth footpaths and beautiful houses.

Three of my favourite spots in my hood are located in this street. First of all I have to mention Hokey Pokey. It’ by far the best icecream in town. No matter what other people say, this one is it for real. On summer days the queue grows up to multiple hundred meters, although there’re four guys behind the counter. Queue up, it’s worth it. The second lovely spot is a portuguese bakery called Bekarei. Their Galão (espresso with milk) and Pastel de Nata (tartlets with pudding) are muito gostosa. The third one is the restaurant Thüringer Stuben. A piece of home far away from home. They serve all the good food, my hometown and region is famous for. I have been there two times with my colleagues for a christmas party and I always orderd Thüringer Klöße, the dish I miss the most here in Berlin. They are good, but no Kloß beats my grandmothers one. She really knows how to cook it. When I was a child we ate it every Sunday.

The end of my little walk guided me through the Ernst-Thälmann-Park, a relict of the former DDR with huge housing blocks and a massive statue. I lived for 18 years in a street called Ernst-Thälmann-Straße, know I live next to the Ernst-Thälmann-Park. My eastern backround doesn’t let me go.

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