#day12 – watching soccer and drinking bevern beer at Oberbaumeck

A friend of mine, currently in Berlin for work, was asking me for a cool soccer bar and if I want to join him for tonights match. Except the world and european championship I’m not that much into soccer. I don’t follow the german Bundesliga, less than ever turnaments such as the championsleague. But than I looked up the match and figured out Real Madrid is playing against Borussia Dortmund. When I was ten years old, everybody in my school class had to decide between cheering for FC Bayern München or cheering for Borussia Dortmund. No other teams accepted. The whole school class was split into two groups. I thought yellow-black is a way better colour combination than red-blue, that’s why I joined the Borussia group. Besides that fact I liked the idea of supporting the second best. There’s still some room for improvement. Supporting the all-time number one is so boring, isn’t it?

For good old times, I confirmed my friend our sporty date therefore. Additionally I thought an old shabby bar is a nice place for an after-sport-beer. Problem was I didn’t know where to watch. After a short internet research I selected the Oberbaumeck as the perfect place. It’s around the corner of my gym and a little insitution in this area around Schlesisches Tor in Kreuzberg. I stood so many times in front of it, but have never been inside.

The bar was already crowded when I arrived. The moment you enter the bar you know it’s a sports bar for Sankt Pauli supporter – skulls and Astra beer everywhere. There are two rooms with two huge screens and chairs but we had to watch the match standing in the bar room with a tv. Good thing was, beer was just an arm-length away. From a selection of five different tab beers I chose the Bevern beer. Half a liter beer for less than three coins. I’ve never heard of Bevern beer before, forgot to ask the bar keeper and can’t find any information via Google now. I guess it’s their own label because the bar is located in Bevernstraße. By all means one glass of it was enough to be half-drunk for me tonight. More interesting than watching a match which ended in a draw was watching the audience – a bunch of 95 % men of ervery age. I liked this spanish guy, who always stepped out of the door to whoop when Real Madrid was scoring a goal. But my favourite one was an old man sitting on the bar surrounded by some hipsters, taking everything pretty serious. For me he is the incarnation of a typical ancient Berlin bar such as the Oberbaumeck is one.

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