#day11 – new running route along the river

I always hated running. I mean I always liked to do sport, espacially endurance sports, but it was rather spinning and swimming. And than early this year I started running. It was a sunny day when the gym for spinning seemed far far away and my motivation for a crowded indoor swimming pool was at rock bottom. Running meant just walking outside the house to start a workout. It was the easiest way to move my ass and enjoy the sun and so I did it. The first two kilometers were horrible. They are still today. Everything gets better with kilometer three but starting is always a conquest.

To keep things rolling I had and have three types of motivation:

  1. app tracking: A huge motivation for regular running is tracking your perfomance. It awakens a play instinct. You want to get better with every run. Faster, further, with a better average pace.
  2. goal setting: Such a goal could be a registration for an official run. It gives you some pressure and with a goal in mind everything makes suddenly sense. Be nice to yourself and begin in a small way.
  3. route choosing: Combine your running route with places you have never been to. Time flys during discovering new streets in your hood. It’s still my biggest motivation.

Today it was my first time running along the river Spree on peninsular Stralau. I have never been there and always wanted to. My effort got rewarded with a beautiful sunset. Facing the red colored sky and watching old house boats swinging on the river made me nearly forgetting I’m running out of breath. In the end my app told me I ran six kilometeres, one more than I actually wanted today. A nice start into the week.

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