#day10 – Sunday hangout in Mainhattan

Frankfurt surprised me with a short summer revival. The weather today: blue sky, not only one tiny cloud and pleasant 24 degrees. It’s not my first trip to the city of banks and skyscrapers. I have been there many times already. But today I did something for the first time what all people love to do in their city on perfect Sundays: chilling on the river shore, sipping a chilled drink. The unique thing lying on the grass next to the river Main is the view. Frankfurt is the only city in whole Germany with real skyscrapers. Coming from Berlin I always have this little feeling of being in New York City. Maybe because I have never been there so far. Anyhow, I think this pun Mainhattan is justified.

After a great party night, lying in the sun next to the river, watching boots and ducks passing by, being surrounded by good friends and feeling surrounded by a big apple vibe not only because you’re enjoying a glass of apple wine, is the best Sunday activity you can do. What made my Berlin heart beating even more faster was a swimming kebap boat. It must be the floating Frankfurt version of Mustafas vegetable kebap in Berlin. Waiting in line whenever you arrive, all day long. Still full from yesterdays dinner I couldn’t eat one. I put it on the list for my next trip to Mainhattan.

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