#day9 – celebrating Oktoberfest in Frankfurt

I have been to Munich Oktoberfest four times by now and always enjoyed it. I mean, without reservation it’s every year a hassle to get in. You have to get up early in the morning to sit on a table in a tent. Once you’re inside there’s a strict rule: no seat no beer. So grabbing a seat is the only conclusion. The sooner the better. One year I arrived at 9am in the morning and got the last seat in the whole tent on a table with round about ten 18-year-old guys. But you don’t have a choice, you’re just happy to be part of the exclusive crowd on a table. For free. I heard of stories, when people paid 50 Euros or even more to the doorkeeper to get in. Oktoberfest is when corruption arrives in Germany. But it’s worth it. After one mass, means one liter of beer, it doesn’t matter anyway. After two mass you start thinking this traditional music, old bearded men with fat bellies playing live on stage, is outrages. Three mass and you’re dancing on the table, making special Michael-Jackson-moves, thinking you’re looking adorable in your traditionally costume. And then it’s 4PM in the afternoon and you suddenly know, it’s better to go home. But it’s fine, you had a fun day. Every year the same. I love it.

This year I can’t make it to Munich. Luckily my friend put her birthday party today in Frankfurt under the motto Oktoberfest. All the girls and boys were dressed up in Dirndl and Lederhosen. The location, a wooden hut on top of a hill, was rustic decorated with antlers on the wall and red-and-white-checkered tablecloth on the table. The food was typical bavarian as well: pretzel, sausage, sweet mustard and obazda cheese served with Paulaner beer. Really good. Only the applewine and the dialect reminded me, I’m in Frankfurt. This party was more than a worthy replacement. Too bad, Oktoberfest is only once a year.

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