#day8 – cooking a korean inspired green bowl

Thanks to Delicously Ella I started to love cooking round about one year ago. She’s a famous foodie blogger in the UK and I made her simple but tasty beetroot carpaccio recipe someone recommended on a blog. I felt in love with her. Ok, it wasn’t real cooking. It was just baking a fresh beetroot, cutting it in thin slices and serving it with a handful rocket and a drizzle of maple sirup. She doesn’t describe herself as vegan or something else but all her recipes are only with natural ingredients – no animal products, no wheat, no white sugar.

I can’t imagine to live strictly eating in any way, neither vegan nor vegetarian or glutenfree. I grew up with eating meat every day and yes I still love my thuringian sausage from time to time.  But nowadays I eat and cook minimum four days a week with only natural products (nearly). As I like to handle it with all situations in life, I try to stay flexible to avoid stress.

Today I cooked a rebel green bowle, mainly based on a recipe from Ella. I call it the rebel bowl, because today I was he first time so nasty to put a fried egg on top. Uhhhh. Not only because it looks beautiful, it’s really tasty when the yellow core is still a bit soft and you can mix it with all the other things. I stole this idea from bibimbap, a korean dish and one of my favorite at the moment. Compared to my rebel green bowle it’s with rice and soy sauce. As I did today I mostly use quinoa or buckwheat for bowl dishes. For the green vegetables I chose broccoli, pak choy and courgette. Best season right now in Germany to buy these kinds of greens. After cooking the quinoa I steamed the broccoli and the pak choy in a frying pan and baked the coquette in the oven. Everything with a lot of spices of course. Arranged on a plate (if anyone is looking for a present for me: I need some nice bowls) I finished the preparing party with the fried egg, sesame seeds and the most tasty sauce in the world: a mix of olive oil, almond butter, tahin, soya sauce, maple syrup, fresh pressed lime juice and pepper. What a rebellion!

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