#day7 – listening to amazing musician Hanna Leess

I’m a bit sad festival season is already over again this year. I had a wonderful summer with four totally different but amazing German music festivals: fusion festival in June, Apple Tree Garden in July, MS Dockville in August and Lollapalooza in September. Fusion festival is a big thing in the electronical music scene and not accessible for everybody. You have to register six months ahead for a ticket and have to be lucky when it comes to the lottery. Lucky me won my ticket in the second lottery round and went there with some friends. Ok, electronical beats the whole night aren’t my favourite type of music, but it’s a unique vibe out there in the middle of nowhere between Berlin and the Baltic Sea. The festival area is huge, with many crazy stages and tons of lovely details. Apple Tree Garden had this lovely details as well, but aside of that it was the entire opposite. I got a ticket three days ahead to the sold out indie music festival in the north of Germany, close to Bremen. Since farmer Heinrichs field is restricted, only 5.000 people are allowed to enter. The acts are more or less at the beginning of their career but good selected. After two times camping I was looking forward to two festivals in the city. MS Dockville in Hamburg and Lollapalooza in Berlin. My season ended with Lollapalooza two weeks ago. Two days full of concerts, beautiful people, best summer weather, a beautiful park location and too much beer. Just perfect.

Today I went to a mini festival at Musik&Frieden, one of my favourite Berlin indie clubs. It was called mahagony and friends, nine acts, three stages. I was really looking forward to The Paper Kites, as I thought they are the main act for this event. And yes, they played a nice concert but my favourite new discovery today was Hanna Leess. We were already about to leave as we decided to wait for Hanna Leess, at least to listen to the first to songs. Good decision. Such a powerful woman with a really special voice. I know the comparison is a bit dangerous, but she reminds me of Amy Winehouse. Originally from Cambridge, she is now living in Berlin and plays experimental folk music as she discribes on her page. Really sympathic is her about text. To give you a short extract: “she has played from alaska, to southern california, to new york, europe and other places also. she has done some commercials and worked with some famous people, but she feels dull saying that. even though her songs are somewhat dark, she enjoys to be funny and silly most of the time. she prefers her eggs fried over scrambled, and her favorite color is red.” Funnily her new album “dirty mouth sweet heart” comes out tomorrow. I’m pretty sure, I’ll buy it.

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