#day6 – something new for my wall

Today I bought a birthday present for my friends 30th birthday. We know each other since ten years and I wanted something special. She always loved little simple but beautiful things. Some days ago in a shop in Friedrichshain I detected some wooden wall notes. It’s not only a wand tattoo, it’s a 3d decoration. I have never seen it before and was directly excited. I just couldn’t decide between all the wise words in beautiful colors such as golden, silver, bronze and so on. Follow your heart, enjoy the little things and do more of what makes you happy were my favourite ones. After some sleepless nights I returned today with a decision. I don’t know if she knows my blog already – I didn’t told her so far – so I can’t tell you which wisdom I finally bought. Her birthday party is on saturday and the gift should be a surprise of course.

What I can tell you is I couldn’t resist and bought one for me as well: life is beautiful or as we Germans say Das Leben ist schön. It’s such a simple sentence, but it’s something we have to remember every day. We only have this one life. Enjoy it and be thankful. Don’t waste your time with trivial things you can’t change. It sounds bathetic but it’s so true.

I hung it up next to my framework collection over my bed. Every morning from now on, I will wake up, open my eyes and be happy, I promise. Not to forget it’s golden! Oh Jesus, I love golden things!

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