#day3 – lavendar cocktail at Café Dujardin Berlin

Wedding was for a long time a black hole on my Berlin map. There was never a reason for a visit. None of my friends live there and to be honest Wedding isn’t the first area you’re thinking about for dinner, drinking or culture. Things changed when two of my closest friends moved together in an apartment just around the corner of the Panke, a branch of the river Spree in the Wedding district. I started to hang out at least two times a month in one of the cool bars Wedding has to offer. I want to mention Wilma Bar at this point, as it is by now my favourite bar around there.

Today I have been the first time to Café Dujardin. Usally I’m not a cocktail drinker on a Sunday evening but we had to celebrate another 29th birthday and the cocktail menue named “highballs” sounded promising. I wanted to try Dillon, a cocktail with infused dill and gin. Unfortunately dill was sold out, so I orderd a Lave&Gin, a cocktail mix of infused lavendar, Tanqueray gin and tonic water. When the cocktail arrived I was a bit disappointed by the decoration, means there was no decoration. I was hoping for a sweet little lavendar limb in a fancy glas, the truth was a lonesome orange peel and a toothpick. Don’t give up, you still didn’t try, I thought. As the bar tender told me the infused lavendar needs two weeks to get his typical flavour. So there was at least a huge story about. Additionally I don’t like lavendar that much for soap and this stuff but in the end the cocktail was quite good. Maybe because the lavendar taste wasn’t that strong and gin is always an option. Yes, I’m a gin lover. Nevertheless next time I’ll try Dillon.

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