#day2 – eating porridge at Haferkater Berlin

When I have been to Copenhagen for easter holidays I had a delicous breakfast at Grød in Norrebro. It’s a famous café in sweet Jægersborggade street which serves mainly porridge. Back at home I asked Google, if there’s already a similar café in Berlin and that’s how I first read about Haferkater, this tiny littel wooden café in Friedrichshain close to Boxhagener Platz. Since then I wanted to try the food, but during summertime a hot bowl of porridge isn’t my favourite dish for breakfast. Today autum arrived in Berlin and my friend and I thought today is the day to test it.

First thing was to decide between all these lovely porridge compositions on the menue. Finally I chose the Bärenkater one: porridge with banana, chiaseeds, honey and a mix of gojiberries, mulberries and cranberries. Since I have a passion for porridge I ate it already in all kinds of topping compilations (it’s all about the topping), but this one was really delicious. To savor my breakfast as long as possible I ate like a snail and enjoyed every spoon. The big bowl comes for only 3.50 Euros and is exactly the right portion for breakfast. Fortunately my friend couldn’t eat her whole bowl, so I got some additional spoons of the Waldbeerenkater – porridge with berrysauce, white chocolate and crunchy coconut flakes. Really tasty. The same apllies to the cappucino and the ice coffee with coconut milk. Coffee Circle knows how to produce aromatic fairtrade coffee. I will definitely come back to try all the other porridges with apple and walnuts and blueberries and …

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