#day1 – turning 29 and starting blogging

I’m so excited. It’s my 29th birthday today, means my year with 365 first times starts. One year of doing, learning and discovering new things. Since I have an eye on it, I realize my day is full of new things, but the most important one today is – of course – my birthday and the launch of my blog. Some weeks ago, when my idea to start a blog got more intense I asked myself, if it’s maybe too late to start a blog or if the idea is special enough and all this concerning questions. Even yesterday I was thinking: Shall I really start such a project? Today I got the answer of all this mindfuck with a gift from my sister. It’s a calendar with postcards and wise idioms. One says “The sooner you start, the sooner you start” So here I am. Sitting on the balcony, enyoing the last summer day in Berlin and texting my first post. I don’t know yet, if my little experiment will work out. I only know, I want to try it. And I want to have a fun last year as a twenty-something. Don’t take life too serious.

If you want to know more about me and the story behind the blog, please read my about-me-text. You’re also allowed to follow me on instagram. It’s more or less a short version of the blog.

If you want to let me know how excited you are about my project, use the contact-box or send an email to resi@mydailyfirsttime.com.

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